Photography….What is it? An Art.

A reflection of an image representing the essence of the self captured, in a single moment.Void of the need for words, which, in the end, do not give justice to what is truth.

I have been working as a photographer for many years and enjoy seeing how photographs capture, record and tell a unique story at any given moment. Producing a successful image goes beyond the requirement of good eyesight and hand coordination. The rules of thumbs are, if you capture a great picture, then the next day you go out and capture a greater one, and so on. Becoming a photographer is not just getting that one great picture, it’s the enjoyment of taking as much as possible, until that joy of doing so ends. As a photographer, I try and possess the artistic ability to coordinate and patiently capture the detailed fragments of the work at hand. My innate ability allows me to help people thoroughly relax in front of the camera. My use of diverse techniques allows me to create successful images indoors and out. In addition to the fun and enjoyment of capturing the unique stories of people, places and things, my work challenges me to reveal truth at any given time and hopefully, bringing art to another level.

P. Hall